Top job markets in SSA


When considering your next career move have you thought about exploring the excitement that Central and Southern Africa has to offer?

Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo all have growing jobs markets and we compare them to help you choose where to relocate to.


Angola is emerging from effects of more than three decades of civil war that severely damaged the country.

The biggest challenges for the government are the lack of infrastructure, lack of capacity and most importantly lack of human resources, including a skilled workforce.

However, investors have seen the huge opportunities here as it is a mineral resource rich country, rich in oil, gas, coffee and natural resources. Agriculture employs over 50% of the population but there are also growing career opportunities in energy, financial services and construction industries.


Mozambique offers exciting opportunities in the manufacturing, agriculture, construction and logistics sectors. Similarly to Tanzania, Mozambique’s economy relies heavily on agriculture. The manufacturing industry in this south east African country is focused on processed foods production, textiles, drinks and construction and agricultural exports.

Mining operations produce coal, salt and marble, and natural gas is extracted from onshore fields and piped to South Africa. Mozambique is regarded by many as a ‘jewel of Southern Africa’, with its beautiful beaches, great food and friendly locals it is an exciting option to consider when relocating to Africa.


Mining represents Tanzania’s biggest source of economic growth and is developing extensively, while tourism also offers increasing opportunities. Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and is rapidly growing – it’s the third fastest growing city in Africa and one of the fastest in the world.

Dar es Salaam has a large expat community and is a political and economic hub offering varied work life opportunities. Millions has been spent on infrastructure and roads in recent years so travelling is efficient, plus the island of Zanzibar is only a short ferry ride away. 


After Algeria, Congo is the second largest country in Africa and largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Rich in natural resources, the country’s mining sector is the biggest attraction for expats seeking employment in the DRC.

Most expats moving to the DRC will find themselves in the capital, Kinshasa, or Lubumbashi, the capital of the southern copper-rich Katanga province. At least two-thirds of the population are engaged in subsistence farming, producing palm oil, coffee, tea, cocoa, rubber, cotton, tropical woods, fruit, vegetables and rice. 

Manufacturing for domestic consumption dominates the industrial sector, producing textiles, cement, food and beverages, wood products and plastics and offering a range of career opportunities.

The DRC is very culturally and ethnically diverse with over 200 ethnic groups scattered across the country, which makes it an interesting place to live. However, expats should bear in mind healthcare and schooling difficulties in the DRC when considering relocating.

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