Central & Southern Africa salary trends 2017


The Robert Walters Global Salary Survey for 2017 contains recruitment market updates, hiring advice and benchmarks salaries across our global markets.

Here we discuss the outlook for Central & Southern Africa.

Recruitment trends

With natural resources experiencing a downturn and the outlook uncertain for the industry, countries heavily reliant on the sector sought to diversify their economies in 2016.

Central and Southern African governments are encouraging foreign investment and this has resulted in increased activity within agriculture, infrastructure, FMCG and manufacturing.

Candidates in demand

The drive towards hiring local talent may lead companies to rely more heavily on external recruiters to find high calibre professionals within the finance, telecommunication and consumer development areas.

The shortage of adequately qualified and experienced local professionals was a challenge faced across the continent in 2016, and this trend is expected to continue in 2017.

Multinationals operating in various countries across the region will continue to struggle with the issue of moving currency internationally and the resulting impact on their balance sheets.

This will make it challenging for employers to attract foreign investment and to recruit professionals from abroad. As a result, demand will be high for financial professionals who can effectively manage international currency exchange processes.

Salary expectations

The combination of skills shortages and demand for experienced, high calibre talent across the region will ensure candidates in Central and Southern Africa can expect salary increases of 10-12% when moving jobs.

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