Working in East Africa


If you’re considering a career move, East Africa is an exciting region to work in. With a busy economy and a bustling social scene it could be a great choice for relocation. Here we detail the fastest growing jobs markets in the region.

Kenya - the capital of the region

Kenya is the economical centre of East Africa and is East and Central Africa’s financial services hub.

It is the fastest growing jobs market in the region and we have a range of financial roles available. The growing economy offers varied challenges to experienced finance professionals.

Kenya is the economical centre of East Africa and is East and Central Africa’s financial services hub

Elsewhere, the Kenyan economy is largely agricultural and much of its revenue is through exporting goods such as tea, coffee and horticultural products. It has a booming tourist industry and as a result, there are emerging career opportunities within the agricultural, manufacturing and tourism sectors which provide a variety of working challenges.

The main imports in East Africa are machinery and transportation equipment, petroleum products, motor vehicles, iron and steel, and the main trading partners are Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa, the EU – particularly the UK and Netherlands, UAE, India and China.

Working life

Working life across East Africa varies, with official organisations such as embassies, tourist bureaus and travel agencies opening Monday to Friday from around 8am or 9am until around 5pm. Shops often keep similar hours but in cities they will usually stay open until later in the day and open on Saturdays too.

In East Africa it is common for shops and offices to close for an hour or so around midday for a break from the high temperatures. It is also worth bearing in mind that banks in the region don’t often open at weekends, and close at around 2 or 3pm – sometimes as early as midday.

When you aren’t working, January and February are great times to spot the fantastic East African wildlife that the region is renowned for.

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