What companies can do to bridge the gap between employer and employee expectations?

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The work environment is changing. Advances in technology and the way companies do business have driven the demand for a “smart workplace”.

Many companies in Africa have redesigned and digitalised their workplace to enhance employee productivity, engagement and performance – but are these companies aware of the concerns and feedback from their employees and if the workplace truly cater to their needs?

This whitepaper "A Smart Workplace for the Workforce of the Future - What Companies can do to Bridge the Gap between Employer and Employee Expectations" explores the different elements that make up the smart workplace and identify the gap between employer and employee expectations. We also offer recommendations to companies to meet the evolving needs of their employees and sharing from HR/business leaders on maximising their smart workplaces. 

This whitepaper explores and provides recommendations on:

  • Maximising workplace technologies to foster collaboration and employee motivation
  • The impact of workplace flexibility on productivity, engagement and diversity
  • Workspace design that addresses the complete employee experience
  • Promoting the smart workplace to attract the future talent


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