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Working in West Africa?

We answer some typical FAQs for professionals looking at making the transition, on topics ranging from language, tax to salary and getting a visa.

Working in East Africa

East Africa is an exciting region to work in, with a busy economy and a bustling social scene it could be a great choice for relocation.

Ways to career success

Beyond qualification, there is a wide range of areas you need to consider when planning the stages of your career.

Top tips to prepare for a job change

You’ve decided to make a career move, so what's next? Even before you land your first interview, use these quick tips to help you prepare for a job change.

Top job markets in SSA

When considering your next career move have you thought about exploring the excitement that Central and Southern Africa has to offer?

The role of an investment advisor

An investment advisor gives advice to clients about investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or exchange traded funds.

The role of an HR Manager

To find out what the working life of an HR professional in Mozambique is really like, we interviewed a HR Manager at a leading retail firm.

The role of a HR Professional

Hear what skills, experience and qualifications she thinks you need to be successful in this challenging role.

The role of a Civil Engineer

Robert Walters Sub-Saharan Africa recruitment division talks to a civil engineer in Ghana, West Africa about what the role involves.