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The Robert Walters Africa 2022 Mid-Year Review looks at the recruitment trends across various sectors at the halfway point and an outlook at H2.

Symptoms of Dysfunction in Hybrid Working

Hybrid working raises tough questions, in this report we have surveyed thousand of employees world for practical insights and solutions for employers and hiring managers worldwide. Download our free guide today.

Understanding societal drivers that are changing the finance function

The preference and wishes of finance professionals are changing, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other social developments. What do they currently find important in their work? Find it out here.

Finance professionals least impacted business function by Covid-19

The finance function was the least negatively hit throughout the pandemic. Find more information in a new research conducted by Robert Walters.

The future of the finance function

We wanted to understand what the future of the finance function will look like and surveyed over 5,500 professionals and 2,200 global companies across 31 countries worldwide, to find out what factors will continue to drive change within the finance function in the next few years.

Can job and location be decoupled eguide

The rapid and widespread adoption of telework amidst Covid-19 has raised important questions about the future of work. In this guide, we explore whether jobs and locations can be decoupled if work itself is no longer confined by geographical and physical presence at a fixed time and place.

Redefining the future business leader

The COVID-19 global pandemic is but one of the latest challenges businesses and business leaders have to face in their histories and careers. Even as some sectors take a hit, new industry trends emerge, and bring about new ways of working for companies and stakeholders alike. Through this e-guide, we hope you gain new insights and perspectives on how other business leaders are tackling crises and forging ahead for their organisations.

Stepping up: a guide for new managers

While some professionals chart their course into management over several years, others may find themselves taking on managerial responsibilities to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Together, employers and employees can create future flexibility

In the space of a few months, flexible working has been extended and expanded for millions of workers across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers to radically change the way their people work, with the temporary closure and/or reconfiguration of workplaces.