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Hiring trends for recruitment in 2017

Research from Robert Walters has found that salaries across Africa will increase by 12-16% on average in 2017 despite difficult economic climate across the continent.

Engineering new talent pools

The fourth installment in the South African Insight Series, this whitepapers looks at attracting and retaining Millennials in the workplace. View a summary or download the whitepaper.

Hiring trends for recruitment in 2016

We anticipate 2016 will be a challenging year for hiring managers as the market continues to be dominated by the problematic issues affecting the natural resources sector.

Recruiting professionals in a candidate short market

A new whitepaper suggests that many employers do not have a plan for hiring white collar staff in ‘talent short’ markets, despite rising demand and increasingly competitive hiring conditions.

Ambition is the driving force for Millennial professionals

Original research from Robert Walters into the working habits and attitudes of Millennial professionals has revealed that opportunities for rapid career progression are their top priority at work.

Robert Walters one of the top socially engaged

Robert Walters was named one of the top 25 most socially engaged companies on LinkedIn. The report is based on the value of corporate social media usage and it's effects on employees and customers.