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Our outlook for 2022 in Africa

In all major cities across Africa, there were partial to full lockdown of economies, affecting industries in varying ways. The outbreak has led to disruption in the various sectors, countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda still saw number of hires being made.

Whilst most organisations have leant towards short term reductions and employment cost savings long term, others are considering contractual assignments; whilst this may lead to quick financial wins, it may as well lead to employee uncertainty.

In uncertain times as to which we find ourselves, companies will be looking for strong financial, legal and sale individuals who are “out the box thinkers”; self-managed and can work remotely with minimal hands on management. Ideally professionals who are commercially minded will be in more demand as organisations try to establish a new normal.

We anticipate there will be a cautious outlook on salary levels and incremental hiring. We foresee marginal increases and lateral offers with enhanced benefits which should be more attractive to future employees.

Jason Grundy
Managing Director, Middle East & Africa

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